Vocal Coaching Reviews

“Eve doesn’t just teach you how to sing; she teaches you how to have a voice, and the value in it. I always sang with a closed throat and believed, “I’m not good but I love singing.” I started lessons with Eve and rapidly began growing and transforming. It wasn’t a transformation I was signing up for but it was immediately obvious that my essence was desperately calling out for it. I am a singer! And taking lessons with Eve has made me realize that with confidence. It has been the best gift I have ever given myself. There is no amount of money that can pay for what she has helped me overcome. My body/mind connection with my instrument has only just started to flourish. I cannot wait to see what vibration I will bring when it’s time to perform.” (“Ayla” Tuatha De Deannan)
“One of my favorite things about working with Eve is how versatile she is, and the holistic approach to vocal training. Connecting with vocal expression for me meant connecting with a deeply suppressed power of my authentic voice, my truth, and moving through a shit-ton of fear logged in certain centers of my body. Working with her gave me an outlet to express and move through energy in a way that brings me to life and reconnected me with this true passion and calling of my soul. She guided me to access my whole body and power for what felt like a full on vocal re-birthing! I learn theory too which is helpful now that I’m getting to a point that I want to collaborate with others.  For me the beauty of the deeper energy work involved, and the safe space she creates for that to happen is the reason I love working with her so much and recommend her. My connection with this beautiful instrument has forever been changed.” (Alex Bergn)
“In one session, Eve helped me to clear confusing energy due to grief and taking on other people’s pain. This allowed me to sing and offer my gifts in a clean, clear way. Recommended.”  (Sharon Bousquet)
“I’ve been wanting to do voice-overs and was told I needed to train my voice. Now I feel more confident expressing myself and I can feel more power in my singing; I can sing louder!” (River Daley)
“Since taking vocal training with Eve Haslam, I have found my true voice, and it has started expressing itself more in my own world beyond performing.  The more I train, the more awareness in my singing, the more I’ve been lead to awareness in my world.” (Tray Good)
“In only two sessions with Eve and I know this is a decision to embark upon a journey that will change my life forever. I’ve already broken out of my comfort zone and strengthened my belief in myself and my natural abilities. Eve is helping me not only become a better singer, but a stronger, more confident woman, and I am so grateful for the experiences I’ve had so far and the many more experiences yet to come.” (Mallibu Whapio Willow)
“I love working with Eve. She’s given me a wealth of knowledge about my body as an instrument. Her conviction and faith in an unconventional knowledge base is exactly what we need more of in this world. Her style enlivens my personal inquiry into the deeper reasons I’ve decided to take voice lessons!” (Trey Rapczak)
“I had immediate results in a stronger connection with my breathing, my projection, my range and my endurance. I highly recommend Eve for any voice work.”(Ananka Kahlmeyer)
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