Vocal Session Transformations & Dharma

It takes courage to step up to your own voice, our authentic self. Regardless of the genre, and the method(s) which someone is employing their voice, students reveal the most intimate part of who they are when they work with me ← This alone is the organic experience at the core of the work.

Sometimes I become simply overwhelmed with admiration and glory as I witness their transformations. Like a fitness trainer, the degree to which a student is committed to grow dictates the depth of their own experience. This is exactly why my sessions are tailored from a versatile skill-set of my own including the Bel Canto technique, energy clearing, breath awareness, holistic wellness, performance enhancements, and more.

I’m a healer, an empath and a communicator first. As a result, I know when someone is drawn to me, they come with a specific set of needs that match up with my expertise. It’s also known as Lighthouse Attraction. Being the best at what you do, will attract the best of who wants to work with you. It’s sometimes also known as Dharma (doing what is right). Good dharma = Good karma.

Signing up for sessions with me ends a student up on a path of radical improvement in voice and soul, resulting in shared happiness. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” (Zen Proverb)  It’s in our service to others, that we are truly supported by nature, isn’t it?





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My Final Bow to North Carolina

It’s been a long few years building the fan base and recording two albums. The best part of it all is taking time to pause to reflect on my hallmark moments.

Shortly after arriving to western North Carolina in 2007, a bass player and friend advised me to start “my own thing”. Soon after that, I recorded a demo cd with Justin Radford on piano and Zack Page on string bass, and a year later I launched Satin Steel Jazz.

I sang with all the best players in the region and Greenville, SC. In time Brian Felix on piano and bassist Zack Page became the core players. I had special guests at most of my shows, established an annual jazz series at the Classic Wineseller in Waynesville, recorded a debut album “A THOUSAND YEARS AGO”, published an ebook for performers, and introduced to the public for the first time some original songs by my composer-dad, Herb Haslam. In 7 years I performed on the majority of stages and venues in Asheville, Slauda, Waynesville, Maggie Valley, and Johnson City.

This year as most know, I released my second cd “BEAUTIFUL LOVE” featuring Bill Covington on piano and Shannon Hoover on string bass. This album introduces local composer Matthew Breindel and promotes a more intimate sound with an acoustic trio. Legendary New York jazz vocalist and one of my greatest vocal inspirations, Roseanna Vitro endorsed my work with a lovely quote. The cd release concerts were held in Vermont to two full-house audiences with standing ovations.

Both cds were reviewed and endorsed by jazz critic extraordinaire, Scott Yanow.

Cds are selling all over the globe. New contacts are coming in monthly. It’s time to follow my career to the next natural platform and after two years of researching, Las Vegas has been the obvious choice.

There are so many people to thank in western North Carolina. Suffice to say the list is a long one from family, musicians, business owners, artists, friends to fans, and to you all I say THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE, FOR ALL THE APPLAUSE. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME BRING IT AND FOR LETTING ME SHOW MY SOUL! 

Eve Haslam (485x513)










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Unveiling the New Website

This year has been all about new beginnings!

Welcome to my new site designed by Straight Edge Marketing. There is more information coming!

After a couple tenacious sessions, and a long passing year- my second album “Beautiful Love” is coming out this month.

With Bill Covington on piano and Shannon Hoover on string bass, this album is the first time the three of us have played together. I was going for an intimate theme choosing eleven love songs simply arranged to showcase each instrument. ALSO, a very special debut song is Bossa Nova Sundays, by North Carolina composer, Matthew Breindel. I loved singing each song with a personal story in mind and debuting Matt’s tune was especially thrilling. I’ve dedicated this album to my late mom, Mary Haslam, who passed away in 2011. She taught me a great deal about authenticity.

The eleven tunes are:

Moon River
What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life
I’m in Love Again

Bossa Nova Sundays
Beautiful Love
I’ll Be Seeing You
I Concentrate on You
The Face I Love
If You Never Come to Me
How Does the Wine Taste



I have spent many years in Western North Carolina, specifically in Asheville. I’ve performed throughout many old and new stages and I’m humbled by the recent write up by music journalist and blues singer, Peggy Ratusz: ALL ABOUT EVE HASLAM in WNC Woman Magazine.

Thank you for your continued support of Satin Steel Jazz. Please leave a comment!

Eve Haslam


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In Appreciation Overwhelm

This year has been dialed into marketing, hustling and building my reach with Satin Steel Jazz and more. The resounding results are paying off before 2014! One thing I always impart to my clients as a career coach is to “serve the music”.  And with SSJ, I serve the music, the community, the products, and shall be arriving to a new platform next year.

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