Vocal & Career Coaching

Now available, VOCAL COACHING for the vocalist including singers of any genre, speakers and readers. All levels. In person and via Skype. Sessions include Bel Canto technique, tailored with energy clearings to the specific needs of each student. Learn mic technique, performance enhancement, posture and breath control, holistic health, and more.

Also in Eve’s background is business consulting, and she’s dedicated her expertise to guiding the one market she knows best, the entrepreneurial artist.

The dilemma for artists can be the vulnerability, or lack of business savvy. This is not unusual. It’s not a flaw. Being in business and being an artist can be extremely counter-intuitive. Solutions are here! Learn the principles of managing your career while being the instrument of your business! Possibly the most tiring aspect of managing a career as an artist is marketing.

What performing artists must know about building a profitable career

“Eve Haslam has written an ebook for performers that is essential reading to help with career goals and dreams. Great ideas!! Wonderful inspiration!! A must read.”  -Vicki Burns, Jazz Vocalist & Educator, NYC

“Eve Haslam’s new ebook clearly lays out the basic steps performing artists can take to help launch and sustain their careers. She offers practical suggestions for developing a business model that stays true to the passion and love artists have for their work and also, just as importantly, how to connect with an audience that shares and believes in the artist’s core values and vision. A great place to start for any aspiring performer!”  -Dr. Mark Davenport, Associate Professor & Director, Music Program, Regis University, Denver, CO

“Eve Haslam’s ebook is a refreshing look at the music business. So many “experts” tell you how to win the next audition or get a recording contract, but Eve’s book is refreshing in that it shows you how to make the opportunities yourself, rather than waiting for an opportunity to arise for you.  Highly recommended.”  -Robert Blaise,  Artistic Director, Green Mountain Youth Symphony, Cellist & Conductor, VT

“There is no easy way to be a teacher or a student, we all have to do the work. Eve captures everything essential to manage your own musical career and watch it grow hands-on. This is surely a great read to understand what it takes to make that happen.”  -Bev Keys, Jazz Vocalist/Composer, NY

“Author Eve Haslam could have selected any number of mandatory building blocks. She picked these seven from relationships to ethics to a few for the left brained reader about web sites and systems. Eve covered them with a genuine, straight-at-you voice. This is a must-read for anyone thinking of taking the next step in their career.”  -Jim Taylor/Chair-Executive Coach at Vistage, World Speaker & Author, San Diego, CA

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